Friday, 9 July 2010


80's video
In the video madonna is very central to the narrative as it follows her from to childhood to adulthood and explains the story of her meeting a boy and getting pregnant, she doesn't want to tell her dad as she fears that he will "preach" to her about the situation.

the visuals and lyrics correspond with each other which ultimately creates a story like video. there are many close ups in this video sell the artist well as it shows the fashionable clothes that she is wearing and therefore could potentially create a new fashion trend herself.

90's video

The theme of this video looks a bit dark and gothic due to the black colour themes and the crows and black dog. This video concentrates on selling the artist as it her alone in the video, using close-up shots and mid-shots. The video has no apparent narrative and seems fairly random in its choice of visuals.

noughties video

is this video madonna joins with a leading celebrity "justin timberlake" which helps her name become more popular and helps her keep being a pop success. In this video it is also clear that madonna is trying to appear young again as the pace of the video and its editing is fast, also she is doing a dance routine.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tinie Tempah - pass out video

The main shot that shall be used within our music video is close - ups, this will be used as there is a need to sell the artist, so a close-up shot allows the audience identify and connect with the artist as he sings the song. Another type of shot we will is an extreme close-up on different parts of the artists body (voyeurism). Mid - shots will also be used so that the whole artists body can be seen.
The costumes that will be worn in the video will be on trend and there will be many different costume changes.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

pitch for Pass out- Tine Tempa

location- we shall conduct this task in the green room. this will make it easier to add effects and different colours in the clip. its important to show the right colours because it will create the mood and the atmosphere of the song.

costume- loose jeans/ joggers/ colourful shoes/ jewellery eg chains, rings, necklaces

camera work- its important to use shots that create a fast and action pact atmosphere that tie into the rythms and beats of the song.

editing- the transitions between the cuts would be fast as it will emphasise the overall pace of the song and the visual lyrics.
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